We are URBANCORE, a dedicated team that has been seamlessly integrating best practices into architectural design and construction since 2006. Our commitment revolves around placing the customer at the forefront, ensuring their wishes and deadlines, and adding value to their projects. Our projects balance economic, technical, and environmental perspectives, resulting in the satisfaction of our clients. Recognising the importance of deadlines and budgets, we consistently keep in touch with the customer with new advice, financial analysis of the project, and any further recommendations.

With over 20 years of professional experience in architecture, urban planning and interior design, we enrich projects with practical, timeless elements that align with modern trends and withstand environmental challenges like wind, sun, and water.

We embrace bioclimatic and sustainable practices, infusing them into our projects as conceptual rules and integral components of our design strategy.

Our portfolio spans from single-family houses in Portugal to diverse urban, religious, and cultural facilities in Africa. With a focus on delivering practical personalized living spaces that age well, we not only fulfil our clients’ needs but also positively contribute to our environment. 



Founder and CEO

Bruno Armando Gomes Marques, an architect, professor and sustainability advocate, has led Urban Core Architects for almost over 20 years. He plays significant roles in global organizations like the International Union of Architects, focusing on sustainable development initiatives. His contributions, including expert project reviews and participation in international conferences, highlight his commitment to advancing sustainable practices in architecture, inspiring architects worldwide.


Architecture coordinator

Luis Maria Pestana Baptista has been working in architecture for nearly 20 years. He  specializes in sustainable buildings. His collaborative approach involves architects, planners, developers, and communities, ensuring that projects evolve smoothly while preserving their cultural identity. 



Past Team members

Jumali + Jelena Lazić + David Kijanovic + Tinghao Feng + Lucie Kvašova + Ricardo Pinto + Manuel Coelho + Carolina Prates + José Paulo Lima + Francisco Ferreira +Yuhe Xia + Julia de Paoli + Barbara Ambrosi + Claudio Calvaruso + Hibatul Azizi + Elodie Marimba + Paulina Dziendziel + João Queiroz Aguiar + Carolina Romeu + António Andresen + Juliana Bento + Paulo Vieira + Marta Sampaio + Angela Correia + Diana Belo Novo + Fabiana Reis + Fernando Saraiva + Rui Abreu + Rita Cunha + Gonçalo Freitas