Local Housing Strategy of Marco de Canavezes

The Local Housing Strategy, completed in July 2020, outlines a plan to invest over 8 million euros, with support from IHRU, focusing on converting municipal buildings for rent, constructing affordable housing, rehabilitating existing homes, and providing rental assistance to eligible families. Developed with Marco de Canavezes Municipality and coordinated by “Aguiar de Matos Consulting,” the strategy aims to address housing needs effectively.

Approval of Sever do Vouga Municipality's Local Housing Strategy
The Municipality of Sever do Vouga has approved a local housing strategy, facilitating households’ applications for the 1st Right program with the IHRU, aiming to support those in inadequate housing conditions through rehabilitation and leasing solutions, with Mayor António Coutinho underscoring its importance and awaiting protocol approval with the IHRU to commence receiving applications.
Municipality of Mirandela Initiates Local Housing Strategy Development
Mirandela City Council is in the process of developing the Local Housing Strategy for the municipality (ELHM) as part of the New Generation of Housing Policies, a crucial step to access housing support applications. The initial phase involves creating an updated diagnosis of housing shortages, detailing the characteristics and number of individuals and households in need of adequate housing.