We are an architecture studio based in Porto, Portugal.

We do more than design dream buildings; we optimize their value. Tailoring designs to meet specific needs, we ensure every inch of space is maximized. We respect the landscape’s unique character and are dedicated to sustainable design. Additionally, we offer expert advisory services to guide building project. We always go #BeyondBuildings.

Our Approach.

Our projects blend sustainability, efficiency, and custom design. We work with all types of projects and since our primary clients are investors, our goal is to maximize their profits. Therefore, Urbancore prioritizes meeting deadlines and budgets to ensure client satisfaction To accomplish this, we are conducting cost investment analyses, as well as social and environmental assessments of the surroundings.

Urbancore envisions projects that go beyond functionality. We strive to fulfill user needs by understanding their routine to further enhance spaces. Our aim is to design a personalized sanctuary that reflects your lifestyle.

We are specialized in revitalizing areas by incorporating sustainable and bioclimatic design principles. Respecting history and the environment. Our work carefully blends existing structures with modern and innovative solutions. We design buildings that have minimal environmental impact and integrate with their surroundings

Our clients are also our partners. By blending our professional expertise with their individual desires, we create spaces that meet their personal needs. Our collaborative approach to modification sees spaces as canvases awaiting to filled with personalized solutions, crafted through open communication and shared visions.

About UrbanCore.

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We are an architecture studio based in Porto, Portugal. With over two decades of expertise in architecture, urban planning, and interior design, UrbanCore is your trusted-architect partner. #BeyondBuildings


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