• Status:
  • Size: 300m2
  • Location: Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal
  • Year of completion: 2011

About the project.

São Roque House in Oliveira de Azeméis is strategically located between two streets, optimizing space utilization and seamlessly integrating into its surroundings. The house is composed of two volumes with distinct functions, covering a total area of 600m2. It represents the ideal residence for a family of four in the quiet suburbs of São Roque.

Story behind the design.​​

In the volume at ground level, which is more regular and serves as the foundation, the social area is developed with the following layout: entrance hall, living and dining room, kitchen, service toilet, and an office with a WC. On the upper floor, a more private area is established with the bedrooms. Each bedroom, along with its WC, contributes to the wedge shape of both volumes, offering unique views from each room—a clearly distinct strategy from the layout at ground level.

At the basement level (-1), the laundry, storage room, and garage are located. The height difference between the two roads abutting the property restricts the house to only two levels on the south side, while on the north side, a third level has been added for the garages, topped with a porch under a green roof. This design completes the architectural program and provides a solution to minimize the visual impact that a three-story structure might have on its surroundings.

The living area’s volume (including the living rooms, kitchen, and office) features a strict, gray-colored design set on a green platform, in contrast to the more private volume (bedrooms), which has a dynamic shape with three white-colored wedges, partially overlapping.

The garage and porch volume is partially situated beneath the house, covered with greenery, aiming to reduce the visual impact of its size while rounding out the functional program of the residence.

Added value.

  1. Meticulously designed spaces for functionality and perspectives
  2. Sleek social area integrates with the landscape
  3. Dynamic private bedrooms offer unique experiences
  4. Third floor garages under a green roof add functionality and appeal
  5. Highlights Urban Core Architects’ detail and sustainability commitment