• Status:
  • Size: 230m2
  • Location: Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal
  • Year of completion: 2015

About the project.

The villa is located in a quiet area of Santa Maria da Feira (north of Portugal) surrounded by trees. This villa is designed to protect its owners from the unorganized and uncharacteristic surroundings. The oak forest to the east belongs to the client and creates an idyllic area in front of the surrounding land. The program is practically developed on a single floor, only the mezzanine office facing the social area is on the upper floor.

Story behind the design.

The house takes the form of a “?”, which facilitates the organization of its functional layout around an open patio facing the oak forest. This strategic positioning allows almost all the rooms of the house to enjoy natural lighting and views while ensuring the privacy of the residents. The only exceptions are the bathrooms, which have private patios. The villa’s social area is an open space that can be freely divided or enclosed with sliding walls. The complex design of the reinforced concrete roof was meticulously adjusted and calibrated on-site.

The fabricaion of all components comprising the dwelling demanded high precision and the capability to integrate elements intended for regular geometry into a framework lacking parallelism or perpendicularity, much to the constructor’s chagrin. The roof’s shape harmonizes with and connects to the remaining facade planes, functioning as a unified shell that envelops the entire house. This integration with light accentuates its distinctive form.

The preparation of all the elements that make up the dwelling required high precision and ability to combine elements designed for a regular geometry applied to a set of planes without parallelism or perpendicularity to the despair of the constructor.

The shape of the cover combines and communicates with the remaining facade planes functioning as a single entity that surrounds the entire dwelling, combining with light to emphasize its original shape.

Added value.

  1. Innovative design focuses on protecting owners and integrating natural surroundings
  2. Flexibility in floor plan, allowing for easy adaptation and convenience
  3. Unique shape optimizing lighting, views, and privacy
  4. Craftsmanship demonstrated in precise construction of complex cover