• Status:
  • Size: 500 m2
  • Location: Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal
  • Year of completion: 2010

About the project.

Mina do Pintor 72 is a private residence developed in 2007. With a very elegant character, this house perfectly combines modernism and minimalism. One of the highlights of this house is its pool area, situated at the rear of the building, offering complete privacy to its residents. Moreover, the house features an L-shaped design, shielding it from the view of the road.

Story behind the design.

On the first floor, the social areas of the house—the kitchen, dining room, and living room—are seamlessly connected to the pool area. In contrast to the rear, the front of the house presents a strong appearance. To maintain privacy for the bedrooms facing the street, the facade features smaller openings. These bedrooms are elevated above street level, positioned over the garage and garden.
Moving to the exterior, the lateral facade stands out for its expansive, beautiful white plane, adding a sense of purity and elegance to the building. Unlike the other facades, the one leading to the terrace is designed with unique features.
Here, next to the patio, a staircase subtly peeks through metal blinds, offering glimpses of the interior spaces and objects. In contrast to the solid staircase, this one allows natural light to filter through, illuminating the entire volume. Directly connected to the staircase is a patio, which integrates natural elements into the interior.

Added value.

  1. The house seamlessly combines modernist architectural elements with minimalist design principles
  2. The L-shaped house provides privacy from the road and creates a secluded atmosphere
  3. Social areas, including the living room, are directly linked to the pool, facilitating seamless indoor-outdoor living
  4. Features smaller openings for street-facing bedrooms, ensuring privacy while positioned above the garage and garden
  5. A patio by the staircase brings natural elements inside, merging indoor and outdoor spaces