• Status:
  • Size: 580 m2
  • Location: São João da Madeira, Portugal
  • Year of completion: 2015

About the project.

The São João da Madeira residence is a dynamic building stands out in its narrow plot, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. The three-story structure, cleverly designed to offer a cozy space for living. It features basement that feels more like an additional level, offering protection and privacy from the bustling streets. With a focus on creating distinct zones for socializing, relaxation, and recreation, the ground floor boasts a spacious lounge area, a modern kitchen, and a designated office space. The upper floors accommodate separate volumes for the couple and their children, ensuring privacy and individuality while maintaining connectivity through shared spaces. Despite its substantial size of nearly 600 square meters, the house exudes a sense of intimacy, thanks to its thoughtful layout.

Story behind the design.

Conceived as a haven for a couple and their family, the challenge lay in crafting a dynamic living space within the confines of a narrow plot in the heart of São João da Madeira. We design a three-story structure that works perfectly with the limitations of its footprint.

The basement, strategically designed with ample natural light, transcends its subterranean essence, offering an inviting space for gatherings and leisure activities. Shielded from the urban clamor above, this level boasts a sprawling lounge area, complete with a gymnasium and sauna.

The ground floor reveals a social and functional space. Here, the kitchen, office, and dining area converge and are connected to a spacious living area that opens onto an outdoor patio, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living.

The upper floors, characterized by two distinct volumes, cater to the individual needs of the couple and their children. Separate staircases lead to private quarters, fostering a sense of autonomy and personal space. While the couple advocated for interconnectedness between the volumes, each maintained its unique identity, creating a harmonious balance.

Throughout the design process, a commitment to maximizing space without compromising comfort or aesthetics remained paramount. The result is a residence that transcends its substantial size, exuding an intimate atmosphere and a sense of cohesion.

Added value.

  1. Architectural Innovation in its dynamic design optimizes space, setting it apart aesthetically and functionally
  2. Despite its size, the house feels cozy, thanks to a unified color palette and thoughtful layout
  3. Personalized Living, ensuring privacy and harmonious family life.