• Status:
  • Size: 4.000 m2
  • Location: Lubango, Angola
  • Year of the concept: 2014

About the project.

The religious complex in Lubango, conceived at the behest of the local priest, stands proudly atop the highest point of the area, sharing space with the iconic Christ statue with open arms. Inspired by the biblical tale of Noah’s Ark, the complex emerges as a symbol of refuge and unity amidst the hills, its architectural design mirroring the graceful contours of a boat. Beyond its spiritual significance, the complex offers a multifaceted experience, featuring not only a grand cathedral for worship but also spaces for dining, shopping, and reflection. The seamless integration of these elements reflects a deep understanding of the diverse needs of the community, fostering a sense of inclusivity and belonging. Each space within the complex is meticulously crafted to serve various functions and perspectives, from the sleek social areas that blend harmoniously with the landscape to the dynamic private bedrooms. The incorporation of sustainable features such as concealed garages under a green roof highlights a commitment to environmental stewardship and architectural innovation. As a result, the religious complex in Lubango emerges not only as a place of worship but also as a beacon of architectural excellence, cultural significance, and communal harmony.

Added value.

  1. The religious complex in Lubango serves as a powerful symbol of refuge and unity within the community

  2. In addition to its primary role as a place of worship, the complex offers diverse amenities including restaurants and gift shops

  3. The incorporation of sustainable features such as concealed garages under a green roof demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility and architectural innovation