• Status:
  • Size: 20 ha
  • Location: Soyo, Angola
  • Year of completion: 2010

About the project.

The design concept of this project is based on the principles of a small village in Soyo, Angola with a clear and perfect separation by the type of facilities inside. It was designed while we were in  collaboration with architects Torre de Papel.

The design is focused on the definition of layers that increase privacy when walking from the public street to the interior of the complex. A barrier from the outside area is accomplished by a building facing the public street. This building is separated in two, to create the main entrance to the complex, and contains all the facilities required in the briefing. Technical areas (power generation, water treatment, etc.) and the restaurant, bar, gymnasium, and clubhouse are designed in the lower building; offices, clinics, shops, security and guard rooms are placed in the highest building. In the roof is planned the helipad as required.

Added value.

  1. Enhanced Privacy and Security with distinct buildings separating public areas from the complex’s interior
  2. Optimized Functionality with administrative functions being housed in higher buildings, improving operational efficiency

  3. Comprehensive Amenities such as a gym, restaurant, clinics, and shops, catering to the diverse needs of staff while also providing specialized services like a helipad