• Status:
  • Size: 10 ha
  • Location: Porto, Portugal
  • Year of completion: 2011

About the project.

Introducing the innovative student residence building set to be nestled within the campus of a private university in Porto. Conceived to meet the evolving needs of modern student life, the building will offer a unique solution of twin bedrooms with shared kitchenettes and foldable walls, allowing for modular and multifunctional living spaces. Designed with comfort and community in mind, the residence will boast thoughtfully curated common areas and gym facilities, aiming to create a harmonious rhythm within its surroundings while maintaining a scale-controlled environment.

Added value.

  1. Optimized living for students, maximizing comfort and functionality.
  2. Flexible accommodations adapt to residents’ needs, seamlessly transforming to suit individual preferences and enhancing convenience.
  3. Vibrant common areas and gym facilities promote social interaction and well-being, enriching the overall living experience.
  4. Harmonious integration with the campus surroundings enhances the residence’s appeal and value within the university community.