• Status:
  • Size: 250 m2
  • Location: Aldoar, Porto
  • Year of completion: 2020

About the project.

Soeiro Mendes House was named after the street where it is located in Aldoar. It underwent modifications to improve natural light ingress and accessibility In order to comply with licensing regulations and preserve the integrity of the previously approved layout and construction area.

Story behind the design.

Started at the owner’s request, Filipe Miguel Monteiro Centeno da Costa, the project aimed to rectify a number of the house’s design and construction issues, and required changes that were judged necessary in the course of implementation. The present single-family home occupies a large lot measuring 352 m2, with two stories above the threshold level. The building area of 252 m2 is made up of 194 m2 for the main house and 58.12 m2 for annexes. Although these modifications are mainly interior, they also include outdoor arrangements to comply with accessibility regulations. Through the prioritization of improvements to the previously licensed accessibility plan, the reorganization of the interior space for better distribution of natural light, and the resolution of technical issues that arose during construction, the project aims to preserve the original architectural integrity while incorporating contemporary comfort and functionality into the design of the dwelling.

Added value.
  1. Prioritizing improvements to ensure inclusive access and ease of mobility
  2. Refining the layout to maximize space distribution and enhance natural light utilization
  3. Safety and Regulatory Compliance during construction to uphold safety standards and regulatory requirements.
  4. Enhanced Comfort and Well-being by creating a more cohesive and luminous living environment to promote a sense of well-being and comfort
  5. Ensuring the longevity and sustainability of the property