• Status:
  • Size: 360 m2
  • Location: Imbringen, Luxemburg
  • Year of completion: 2025

About the project.

The house is located in Imbrigen north of the city of Luxemburg in the cold suburbs. This 2 story provides the home for a family of 5 and includes a bathroom, master suite, balcony, dining area, and fireplace as well as the second floor where the kids sleep and play. From the upper floor, you can see the bottom floor which keeps the whole family in touch in every space. The same can be said for the kitchen and the living room and kitchen which are connected with the fireplace in between.

Story behind the design.

The reconstruction for the Imbringen house is guided by a series of structured phases, each aimed at understanding and ultimately transforming the existing space into a more functional and harmonious home. In the initial phase of diagnosis, we closely examine the layout of the house, revealing a fragmented configuration that fails to promote interaction and unity among family members. This fragmentation is evident in the distinct separation of social and bedroom areas on both floors, creating a formal and divisive atmosphere that restricts the flow of light, comfort, and connectivity.

We proposed a series of strategic interventions to enhance interaction, comfort, and contemporary aesthetics throughout the space. Key among these strategies is the introduction of a double-height space, mezzanine, and balcony to facilitate interaction between floors, as well as the incorporation of a large glass structure to maximize solar access and radiation during winter. Wooden slats are utilized to ensure optimal solar access and warm light tones, promoting a cozy and inviting atmosphere throughout the day. Additionally, enhancements such as a heated indoor pool and unifying exterior contribute to the overall transformation of the house’s image and functionality.

Child’s room, in particular, is given special consideration in the proposed design. With a balcony overlooking the living area, child gains direct access to light, heat and family, enhancing his comfort and communicability within the home. The primary objective of these strategies is to develop a comprehensive solution that elevates the house to A+ thermal performance levels while fostering bioclimatic principles and contemporary design sensibilities.

Added value.

  1. Enhanced family interaction to promote connectedness
  2. Enhanced comfort thanks to wooden slats and a heated indoor pool
  3. Maximized natural light with large glass structures offering ample sunlight and views
  4. Modern aesthetic cladding and renovations enhance the image of the house
  5. Sustainable solutions with software and design practices reduce environmental impact