• Status:
  • Size: 400 m2
  • Location: Charneca de Caparica, Portugal
  • Year: 2027

About the project.

This project is located in Botequim, Charneca da Caparica. The site is classed as low-density residential urban space under the zoning plan.  The project’s design promotes seamless integration with the surrounding environment, taking into account the public road and the maximum building heights of adjacent structures. This harmonious integration seeks to retain the urban and landscape setting while maintaining current ties.

Story behind the design.

Planned architectural design considers both use and aesthetics. The house’s main volume has a frontage of nearly 30 meters and a depth of 14 meters, with the main entrance facing the street. The design contains small protrusions and recesses between levels and the roof, which increase the building’s dynamic while maintaining coherence and integration. The outdoor spaces are meticulously designed, with concrete pavement for automobile ramps and entryways and hardwood decking for the south-facing external space, resulting in a comfortable and visually pleasing outdoor atmosphere.

Added value.

  1. The design prioritizes seamless integration with the existing urban and landscape context

  2. By providing comfortable and visually appealing environments for residents. Features such as concrete paving for car ramps and entryways, as well as wooden decking for outdoor areas, contribute to a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics

  3. The house has high-quality construction materials and techniques, ensuring durability, comfort, and sustainability