• Status:
  • Size: 2.470 m2
  • Location: Porto, Portugal
  • Year of completion: 2026

About the project.

To ensure compliance with current legislation and preserve the area’s historical and architectural heritage, the Massarelos River View proposed intervention aims to maintain the approved volumes and alignments while reorganizing interior spaces, including the duplex units and exclusive patio areas. The plan shows how carefully the current architectural elements were improved while also blending in well with the surrounding area.

Story behind the design.

Small “private patios” have been created by defining exclusive usage areas for neighbouring fractions in the main terrace on the first floor. Except for sporadic modifications like the suggestion of a balcony barrier to divide what are now two independent fractions, the exteriors retain the same appearance. Additionally, the ends of two distinct roof elements were connected in the volume facing Escadas do Roleto Street. The combined space inside the proposal will serve as an accessible sanitary facility and will be more beneficial than the elements alone.

Special attention was paid to accessibility for all fractions and routes, compliance with energy and thermal efficiency standards qnd local ordinances. On top of that some changes to the original plan were also required. For instance, support walls and exterior walls had to be built thicker than originally intended. Nearly every fraction in the volume facing Alameda Basílio Teles is intended as a duplex because the current proposal views all of the fractions in that volume as having a frontage to the interior courtyard and the river.

To accommodate the need for thermal insulation, it is noteworthy that there are quite a few changes in an increase in the exterior wall thickness towards the interior.

Added value.

  1. While updating interior spaces to meet contemporary living standards, the plan preserves the integrity of the Massarelos neighbourhood
  2. The project intends to improve the area’s livability by introducing duplex layouts while meeting the demands of individuals, families, and couples without sacrificing the area’s entire urban fabric
  3. They are making sure that all areas and routes are both energy-efficient and easily accessible
  4. Creating common terrace areas and private patios encourages outdoor life and develops community integration