• Status:
  • Size: 250 m2
  • Location: Grijo, Portugal
  • Year of completion: 2027

About the project.

The building is located at Rua Doutor António Domingues in a quiet neighbourhood of Olival near Vila Nova de Gaia for a family of 4.

Story behind the design.

The planned development addresses the need to change the building design for a home in Grijó, Vila Nova de Gaia. Originally, the plan called for a house with a basement garage, ground floor, and first floor, as well as a square layout of around 15 meters on each side. In from of the house there is also a pool that serves for hot days in Portugal.

However, modifications were required, due to budget constraints and local region rules. The idea preserves the core elements while tailoring the area and spaces to the owners’ needs. It transforms the interior spaces, adding patios and terraces while retaining the building’s square footprint and overall coherence.

Added value.

  1. The incorporation of interior patios within the volumetry reduces the construction area while enhancing the quality of living spaces

  2. Exterior arrangements, including Ipê wood deck elements in ground floor patios, provide comfortable outdoor areas, extending the usable space and fostering a greater connection with nature.

  3. The refined proposal aligns with sustainability principles by minimising the environmental footprint