• Status:
  • Size: 200 m2
  • Location: Arcozelo, Portugal
  • Year of completion: 2023

About the project.

This project is located at Rua da Cova das Louras, Mira – Miramar, in the Arcozelo parish of Gaia Municipality. The main objective of this project is to construct a detached single-family home with ground and upper floors that meets the regulations set in the Municipal Master Plan for transitional zones.

Story behind the design.

The story of the project is on the skillful fusion of contemporary design with site-specific requirements. The proposed construction prioritizes compatibility with the surrounding environment and adheres to established architectural traditions. It features a modern façade design and maintains functional coherence. The house runs north to south and is oriented to take full advantage of the sun and available space while keeping consistent setbacks with nearby homes.

Because of the width of the land, the house is divided into three levels and has a well-planned spatial layout. The ground floor has the living and service areas, which include a kitchen, living room, laundry room, and restrooms with direct access to the garden. The lower level is used for storage. The sleeping areas are located upstairs and include a suite with a private bathroom, two bedrooms, and a complete bathroom. Furthermore, a garage is located on the southern end of the plot.

Added value.​

  1. Strategic Location and compliance with rules in an area designated for transitional housing, add to the neighborhood’s value
  2. Harmonious Design, which maximizes solar exposure and available space, combines contemporary style with regional architectural standards
  3. Functional Efficiency due to the project’s three levels of well-organized space encourages comfort and ease of mobility around the house