• Status:
  • Size: 220 m2
  • Location: Cortegaça, Portugal
  • Year of completion: 2026

About the project.

Cortegaça House is defying convention with its unique design and spatial configuration. Nestled discreetly within urban surroundings, this single-story residence seamlessly integrates with its environment, harnessing natural light from the south to shield against harsh summer rays. Its interior will be a combination of form and function, centers around a central living area. Three bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining area, and a garage will be seamlessly integrated into its sleek design.

Story behind the design.​

The project was named after the town of Cortegaça, where it is going to be located. Amidst the urban hustle, UrbanCore architects embarked on redefining residential design, eschewing multi-story norms for a singular floor layout, fostering a seamless fusion of form, function, and environment.

Embracing the sun’s trajectory, the building will optimize solar exposure in warm summer months, while its interior will defy convention, inviting the outside world to permeate its captivating sanctuary.

Added value.

  1. Simple yet unique design: The house will offer unique architectural language that will break away from traditional norms.
  2. Environmental integration: Seamlessly blending with its surroundings and harnessing solar energy.
  3. Efficient Layout: Opting for a single-floor design maximizes functionality, offering residents an intuitive and streamlined living space.