• Status:
  • Size: 8.720 m2
  • Location: Yamussucro, Ivory Coast
  • Year of completion: 2029

About the project.

Hotel Yamussucro is a unique educational project nestled in a vibrant tourist area. With a focus on providing practical learning experiences, the school will integrate hotel facilities to offer students real-life internship experiences. The architectural design reflects the dual purpose of the establishment, with the school building prioritizing functionality and accessibility, while the hotel boasts taller structures for optimal views and revenue generation. Embracing the warm climate of the Ivory Coast location, the design emphasizes cross ventilation, shading, and durable materials for year-round comfort and sustainability. Vibrant accents in primary colors add energy and character to the buildings, symbolizing the dynamic environment of learning and hospitality.

Story behind the design.

Hotel Yamussucro project is a story about innovative educational vision and architectural ingenuity. Conceived as a pioneering project to teach young students in a bustling tourist destination, the establishment will combine academic learning with practical training in the hospitality industry.

At the heart of the design concept is the integration of hotel facilities within the school campus, providing students with valuable opportunities for hands-on experience and internships.

Architecturally, the design reflects the distinct purposes of the school and hotel components. The school building prioritizes functionality and accessibility, with a layout designed for ease of movement and efficient use of space. In contrast, the hotel features taller structures that offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, catering to tourists and generating revenue for the institution.

Recognizing the importance of climate considerations in a warm country, the design emphasizes strategies for natural ventilation, shading, and thermal comfort. Robust materials are selected to ensure durability and longevity, providing solid protection against the elements throughout the year.

Aesthetically, the buildings are characterized by a timeless simplicity, with a predominantly white color palette accented by vibrant slices in primary colors. This playful design element not only adds visual interest but also reflects the energy and dynamism of the learning environment, inspiring creativity and mindfulness among students and guests alike.

Added value.

  1. Integrated Education and Hospitality: The School-Hotel Yamussucro project combines academic learning with hands-on hospitality training, enriching students’ educational experiences.
  2. Functional and Accessible Design: The school building is designed for efficient use of space and easy navigation
    The hotel component of the project generates financial support for the educational program and expansion.
  3. Climate-conscious Architecture: The design prioritizes natural ventilation, shading, and thermal comfort, ensuring year-round comfort for occupants while minimizing energy usage.