• Status:
  • Size: 6.390 m2
  • Location: Lubango, Angola
  • Year of completion: 2028

About the project.

The School-Hotel Lubango in Angola is an innovative educational business located in a popular tourist destination. The establishment combines academic quality with practical training, including hotel facilities, to provide students with real-world internship experiences. The architectural design is deliberately built to fulfil two functions: education and hospitality. The school building is designed for functionality and accessibility, while the hotel’s taller structures enhance vistas and revenue possibilities. Inspired by the region’s tropical climate, the design promotes cross ventilation, shading, and the use of long-lasting materials to ensure year-round comfort and sustainability. Vibrant vibrant hues give the structure’s energy and character, representing the dynamic nature of both learning and hospitality experiences at the School-Hotel Lubango.

Story behind the design.

The School-Hotel Lubango project is a ground-breaking approach to education and building, combining innovative pedagogy with creative design. The establishment was designed as a cutting-edge project to educate young minds amidst a bustling tourist area, perfectly integrating academic learning with practical hospitality training.

The integration of hotel facilities on school grounds is central to the concept, providing students with invaluable hands-on experience and internship opportunities. Architecturally, the design distinguishes between the school and hotel components, with the former prioritizing utility and accessibility and the latter offering panoramic views and revenue-generating potential.

To provide year-round comfort and sustainability, the design stresses natural ventilation, shade, and durable materials, taking into account Angola’s torrid environment. Aesthetically, the buildings have a timeless simplicity, with a largely white palette accented by brilliant primary colors. This whimsical design concept represents the classroom environment’s dynamic vitality, encouraging creativity and interaction among both students and guests.

Added value.

  1. Integrated Learning and Hospitality with a blend of academic education and hands-on hospitality training

  2. The school building is designed for optimal space utilization and easy navigation, enhancing accessibility for students and staff.

  3. Financial Sustainability by the hotel, which supports educational programs and allows for potential expansion.

  4. Sustainable Architecture with the elements such as natural ventilation and shading, ensuring comfort while minimizing energy usage.