• Status:
  • Size: 20 ha
  • Location: Balazar, Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal
  • Year of the concept: 2015

About the project.

The Balazar Sanctuary is a beautiful and inclusive meeting place that combines divine inspiration with human creativity. Its design blends seamlessly with the surrounding scenery while providing essential amenities for worshippers and visitors alike. The Matriz Church and its courtyard anchor the sanctuary, which is being updated to restore its historic significance and create a spacious area for religious and social events. The design also includes accessible ramps and steps to ensure everyone can participate. The Accommodation Center nearby honors the local legacy with its use of local materials and thoughtful design, and businesses selling religious goods enhance the pilgrim experience. 

This sanctuary is a modern theological framework that uses architectural design to demonstrate the eternal bond between humanity and the divine. It acts as a portal for spiritual inquiry in a contemporary, materialistic world. The design reflects the unchanging principles of faith and encourages reflection and self-exploration. The Balazar Sanctuary is a place that combines creativity and tradition, representing the age-old quest for divine connection within the dynamic fabric of human existence.