• Status:
  • Size: 210 m2
  • Location: Oaz, Portugal
  • Year of completion: 2008

About the project.

Mina do Pintor 49 House was designed for real estate promoters and stands as a testament to versatility and marketability. With a focus on creating a highly desirable property, the design incorporates elements of sophistication and functionality to appeal to a wide range of potential buyers. Despite the challenges of designing for an unknown end-user, the result is a meticulously planned residence featuring three bedrooms with private toilets, a barbecue area, swimming pool, and a spacious garage.

Story behind the design.

Our task was to design a house that could swiftly capture the attention of prospective buyers. The UrbanCore team collaborated closely with real estate promoters to craft a home that would stand out in a competitive market.

With the absence of a specific end-user in mind, the challenge lay in designing a residence that could cater to a diverse range of potential buyers. The house needed to offer a flexible layout that could accommodate various lifestyle preferences and family dynamics. Thus, the inclusion of three bedrooms, each with private toilets, ensured that the residence could appeal to both small families and individuals seeking additional space for guests or home offices.

Equally important was the integration of outdoor living spaces, such as a barbecue area and swimming pool, which would enhance the lifestyle experience and further contribute to the property’s marketability. Additionally, the inclusion of a spacious garage addressed the practical needs of potential buyers, offering ample storage and parking space.

Although real estate promotors are not users of this building, we personalized the final design according to their preferences. One notable example is the striking stone wall that adorns the exterior—a personalized touch requested by the client, which ultimately added a unique feature to the property. Despite facing constraints, such as the stone wall being situated in a corner, we navigated the challenge creatively, envisioning it as a vertical open sequence of books. This illustrates the collaborative nature of the design process that arises when client preferences intersect with architectural vision.

Added value.

  1. Designed to maximize appeal to various potential buyers. Accommodating diverse family needs, from small families to those requiring guest space or a home office
  2. Featuring a barbecue area and swimming pool, the property enhances the lifestyle experience
  3. Personalized touches like the striking stone wall add uniqueness and appeal
  4. Client & Architect team collab showcasing the design team’s responsiveness to client preferences and further enhancing the property’s marketability and potential profitability